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There is an art in pairing the correct court reporter to each individual client and their different matters. Our schedulers excel in matching our clients with the best licensed certified court reporter for your case.  Each court reporter is selected to match the practice and often the individual attorney.  

When you schedule with us, we guarantee:

  • Accurate

  • Timely transcripts

  • Dependable

  • Emergency coverage

  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable

  • Extremely prompt

  • Professional and friendly

  • Available in every city nationwide

  • Email

  • Selectively screened court reporters

  • E-transcripts 24/7 (link)


View and annotate transcripts live during testimony. Real-time allows you to read what is being said as it is being said and to leave the deposition with a rough transcript for immediate use. You can also search; mark key sections, and outline, all during testimony. It’s simple: you will be assigned a court reporter with experience in real-time reporting; they can also assist you in all the technical details such as set-up and connections. You can bring your own laptop or request one from us. Save the transcript file and leave the deposition with the rough transcript and your notes —complete and ready to go

A court reporter
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