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Video Streaming

Our experienced videographers provide courtroom quality video, recorded anywhere. Recorded video depositions let you observe the demeanor of deponents during testimony, capturing their reactions, pauses, and expressions that can be the defining difference in negotiations and court presentations. Depositions are recorded using broadcast quality, high definition video cameras and high-gain microphones to assure that every nuance is accurately captured. We will send you the finished and edited video in a MPEG, DVD, and/or CD-ROM formats.



Include multiple attendees in any location by secure streaming. Video Streaming allows remote participants to view the live proceeding on their computer or tablet using an internet connection. The video streaming application also provides an integrated and secure chat window for participants to have private dialogs with their colleagues. Remote participants are given a confidential web address and password which they use to access the streaming deposition live.

Video & Transcript Synchronization

Get a single screen for displaying both transcript and video. Text and video are synchronized and can be produced in your requested format. The deliverable can be loaded in to multiple review and presentation platforms allowing the text to follow the spoken words on the video. When complete, the transcript can be used as a guide to find any part of the recorded testimony.  Snippets can be created for use in presentation including impeachment at trial.

People in a conference
A person on a video call
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