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Remote Exhibit Management
Our Remote Exhibit Managers can handle all aspects of the exhibits presentation enabling you

to focus solely on getting the testimony needed. Your dedicated Remote Exhibit Manager will:

  • Manage who is on screen, optional screen sharing and assigning permissions

  • Provide the court reporter all the exhibits to mark and attach to final transcript

  • Introduce exhibits dynamically–in response to testimony

  • Annotate exhibits in realtime to highlight your line of questioning

  • Capture deponent’s annotations

  • Display spreadsheets and columns of information more clearly

  • Zoom in on key information within an exhibit

  • Ensure privacy with breakout rooms for attorney/client conversations

Accountant Records
Hard Copy Exhibit Preparation
Our document imaging and reprographics department can prepare exhibit sets and hand deliver or ship directly to your office, home, or location for deposition.

Electronic Exhibits

We offer multiple software solutions that allow you to create and share your exhibits by computer, tablet, or other mobile device.  All of our solutions are simple, intuitive, and secure.

Please inquire for more information.

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